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DWRA  Youth Explorers Club   Saturdays Only 6  2.5 hr scheduled adventures

 Rain or Shine!  

Series I   April 13 - May 25    Time:  9:15 - 11:45AM 

Equipment: Life jackets and coastal style boats

Explorers will learn proper rowing technique and navigation skills while touring the Detroit and Grosse Pointe waterfront including secret island cuts, canals and bridges. The Explorers Crew will experience local wildlife in their natural habitat such as beavers, fox, muskrats, mink, herons, fish and turtles, to name a few. Each rower will also learn the water behavior of our river and lake.
This program is also a great starting point for youth who would like to continue into a competitive program for the fun and fast of it.


*4 person minimum
Fee: $360 per person (paid by check)

** Please send your athlete prepared with sunscreen, hat, water (no glass, and in an old clean sock), warm clothing as temperature cools, an old pair of shoes or sandals, and socks.

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    Required: **Rowers must provide (and use) personal hat, shirt, sunscreen, water bottle (no metal), towel, shoes and socks, rain gear, snacks