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Adult (Masters) Learn-to-Row


Ages 18+

4 rower minimum

The program will consist of four or five sessions covering boat handling, water safety, and the fundamentals of rowing.  Participants will be coached in small groups both on the water in boats and on indoor rowing machines. Attendance at the first session is required, and participants should plan to attend all sessions


Rowers must furnish written proof that they are water-safe and are able to swim/tread water in open water conditions. Please fill out the and make sure to have your completed before showing up at the first session. The printable forms are available on the FORMS section of this website. 



    Before you arrive: 

    • Wear athletic clothing, preferably shorts or spandex along with a T-shirt that you don't mind getting a little dirty/wet. Bring a hat, socks, and sneakers each day (the first day will mostly be on the rowing machines known as 'ergs').

    • Bring a water bottle (plastic only, no stainless steel or metal flask type bottles as they damage the boats).

    • Apply sunscreen (the first day will mostly be inside, but sunscreen is important for the rest of the sessions).

    • Be sure to come with a good attitude and be coachable! Rowing is the ultimate team sport and will be unlike anything you've ever tried. Get ready to have fun! (Don't forget to bring your waiver!)